Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother'S Day!Why Mothers Day Is Celebrated?

Mother’s Day is a celebration that sees a family honoring the mother, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence that mothers have in the broader community. People observe Mother’s Day around the world on different dates, most commonly in March or May, and we all celebrate it in different ways. There are similar celebrations that honor other family members, including Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day, and it’s a holiday that has been quite commercialized over the years.


Why Mother’s Day Was Invented?

Celebrations of Mothers and motherhood can be traced right back to the Romans and ancient Greeks, long before the times of Anna Jarvis, who made it what we know it as today in the 1900s. They would hold festivals in honor of the mother goddesses and the earliest recognition of Mother’s Day was the first Christian festival known as Mothering Sunday. It was once a significant tradition in England and parts of Europe, and it was seen as a time for exceptional service in the local church. It’s now moved to a more secular holiday, with children presenting flowers and other tokens of appreciation to their mothers to thank them for their tireless commitment to them.
Happy Mother's Day!

Why Mother Day Is Special

Mother’s Day is an occasion to respect the efforts and commitment of mother’s around the world. It’s also a day to appreciate and celebrate the roles of mothers in society. It’s a day in the calendar that reminds everyone of the significance of mothers in our lives. After all, without our mothers, we would not be breathing right now!

Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family, the heart of the strength behind the working cogs of the family unit. Mothers make sacrifices that we don’t even realize until we are parents ourselves – we should appreciate our mothers, and we have a recognized day to do so.
Love You Mom

Why Is Mother’s Day On That Date?

Originally, Mothering Sunday was held on the fourth Sunday of Lent in England in the 1600s. People would head to their home community church to gather family together and by the 19th century, it was a date that had almost died out. The official celebration idea came about in 1872 from Julia Ward Howe, who was an activist and poet. She suggested that June 2 should be celebrated annually as Mother’s Day, and it should be a day of peace. The Mother’s Day as we know it right now began in 1908 and was created by Anna Jarvis.

It took a further six years to become an official holiday on the second Sunday of May in the US, and Ms. Jarvis later tried to have Mother’s Day removed from the calendar due to the commercialization of the day that was designed for women to teach each other how to care for their children through Mother’s Day Work Clubs, during the Civil War. In the UK, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the second Sunday of Lent.

Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

We celebrate Mother’s Day to honor the mother of the family, celebrate motherhood, appreciate maternal bonds and indulge in the influence that mothers have in the community. People observe Mother’s Day around the world on different dates, most commonly in March or May, and we all celebrate it in different ways. There are similar celebrations that honor other family members, including Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day, and it’s a holiday that has been quite commercialized over the years

Why Flowers For Mother’s Day?

Some people believe that we give flowers on Mother’s Day as a sign of the season: it’s held on the second Sunday in May in the US, and it is symbolic of the Spring to give flowers in this time. However, flowers are the subtle signal of life and fertility, and we offer our mother these gifts to reflect the gift of life that she gave us in the first place. Not only that, they last long and bring joy with every glance. Who wouldn’t want to give their mother that gift?

How Mothers Day Started?

The idea for an official Mother’s Day came from the 1850s when women in West Virginia organized themselves into the Mother’s Day work clubs to improve conditions for mothers and families. These women also cared for wounded soldiers from both sides of the Civil War. When the war ceased, the same women planned Mother’s Friendship Day to promote peace and Julia Ward Howe started a Mother’s Peace Day around this time, too. Anna Jarvis began a lot of the clubs, and after her death, her daughter held observances from 1908 in her honor, and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson named the second Sunday in May a national holiday for mothers everywhere in the US.

How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated?

Mother’s Day is celebrated by more than 40 countries worldwide, and the traditions of each country vary massively. For example, in Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in August in celebration of the current queen. In the US, Mother’s Day continues to be celebrated with the presentation of flowers and gifts and has become a big holiday for consumer spending. It’s also been widely known as the day where mothers down tools and rest – for a change!

How Mother’s Day Was Invented?

Mother’s Day was cemented as a national holiday in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson following the tireless efforts of the women of the Civil War. Both Julia Ward Howe and Ann Jarvis have a hand at making Mother’s Day what it is today! When the war ceased, the same women planned Mother’s Friendship Day to promote peace and Julia Ward Howe started a Mother’s Peace Day around this time, too. Anna Jarvis began a lot of the clubs, and after her death, her daughter held observances from 1908 in her honor, which started the official tradition.

How We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

In the US, Mother’s Day continues to be celebrated with the presentation of flowers and gifts and has become a big holiday for consumer spending. It’s also been widely known as the day where mothers down tools and rest.


Celebrating Mother’s Day On A Budget

It’s not easy for a woman to go through a full-term pregnancy, give birth to you and raise you to who you are today – a grown individual capable of contributing to the society and, wow, even looking to provide this special woman with a unique Mother’s Day celebration, unlike any others.

Indeed, we are talking about mothers all around the world. While most countries celebrate this special occasion on different days of the year, Mother’s Day is commonly celebrated on the second Sunday of May.
Throw a Mother’s Day Celebration This Year for Less than $50
It is on this day that most children will want to show more love for their mothers in their ways. If you are already planning and would like to throw a celebration for your mom this year, here are some tips on how you can do so without burning a hole in your wallet. After all, it’s the effort that counts – not the price tag on the items you bought for her!

1. A Home-cooked Meal

Purchasing ingredients and groceries for a full-course meal with a drink is unlikely to cost over $50. Moms around the world have all put so much effort into bringing you up that what is required for you to cook up a nice meal for her will amount next to nothing in comparison!

Why not let her enjoy her favorite TV show while you prepare her favorite food and snacks? You can even purchase a nice bottle of wine to accompany the meal! For bonus playfulness points, play some music in the background and pretend that you have a date with her.

If you aren’t sure what to cook for her, you can always whip up your best dishes that you are confident with. Show your mother what you have learned from her and more!

2. Words of Appreciation

Completely free-of-charge, letting your mother know how much you appreciate everything she has done for you will be exceptionally meaningful for your mother. Regardless of whether or not you usually let her know that you love her or appreciate her, a gesture like this will always melt her heart.

Let her know how you understand it has not always been easy for her and that you are thankful for all that she has done for you and the family through good and bad. Wrap your little speech up with a hug!

If you are not the affectionate type and feel awkward relaying these messages to your mother, why not try to do it in a comedic, exaggerated way instead?

3. Chore-Free for the Week!

Most mothers would agree that the most tiring and daunting part of her days is the chores. The list of things to do is endless, especially for full-time moms! They need to cook, clean the house, do the laundry, tend to other family members’ well-being – the cycle goes on and on.

Let her have a relaxing weekend or even an entire week off by handling all the chores for her! She would appreciate being able to sleep in, having some time for her hobbies or just some time off to have some chit chat with her friends.

When you do these chores, you will also gain a new understanding of what she goes through on a daily basis, and you might find yourself wanting to give her more gifts afterward!

4. A Walk Down Memory Lane

You’re going to need some old pictures for this! If you have family photo albums – digital or otherwise, you can compile some of your favorite pictures of her, print a copy and organize it into a neat little album just for her.

Include captions on why you love those pictures of her for sentiments, and get even more bonus points if you can compile photos of you growing up with her! This simple move can be surprisingly useful for letting her know about your appreciation for her.

Don’t have enough nice pictures to do this with? Start taking pictures with her today and prepare an album for Mother’s Day next year instead.
5. Some Peace and Quiet
If you have kids in the house, this is the time to bring them elsewhere. Turn the volume down on the TV, and let her enjoy a peacefully quiet day.

This underrated little enjoyment can be a huge stress reliever for any moms who just want to have some time to themselves. If you live in a busy city where this isn’t possible, you can also bring her to a park or a quiet cafe nearby where you can have a heartfelt conversation together.

You might be pleasantly surprised by how much you didn’t know about her younger days or what she remembers about your childhood!

6. Bring Her to a Movie

When was the last time she has been to the cinema? Let her know what’s playing in the cinemas, show her trailers for movies that she is interested in and let her pick something that she wants to watch.

Choose a good time when you can bring her to a cinema airing the movie of her choice, and remember not to skimp out on the popcorns or other snacks that you can get there. Enjoy the films and have a talk about it on the drive back!

We highly recommend this activity if you already know that she’s fond of movie discussions. If she wants to rewatch an old movie, search it up online and watch it with her straight from the comforts of home.

7. Coupon Book

Think about what your mother would probably like to enjoy every once in a while. Is it a shoulder massage? Having someone drive her to the store nearby and back? What about a makeover session or a visit to the next comedy show?

Create a handy little coupon book by typing these tasks before you print, cut and bind the pages into a makeshift booklet. Let your mother know that these coupons have no expiry date and that she can exchange these coupons for the services stated on it whenever she wishes.

Leave a few blank pages for her to fill it up with something she wants! This way, you will never get her wishes wrong.

8. A Bouquet

Women will always welcome flowers whether it’s for a wedding anniversary, birthday or any other celebrations. Surprise her with a lovely bouquet along with a card to mark the occasion!

You can opt for flowers that she likes, or if you are unsure, you can always study some flower languages and choose florals with significant meanings that you can gift to this irreplaceable woman in your life. The flowers to be gifted on this day may include lilacs, tulips, and of course, roses.

This could also depend on your cultural background! As an example, the Chinese would gift carnations to their mothers to represent love, gratitude and respect.

9. Home Maintenance

Has the door hinges been creaking an awful lot lately? What about the overgrown weed in the backyard garden, or soil that needs to be tilled for spring gardening?

These tasks are not very easy to deal with for mothers, so why not give the house a little fixing up while you are there? The tools and supplies needed for maintenance and repairs rarely cost more than several bucks at most.

If expert handiwork is required, you can always call the professionals for help as well. Friends and connections could be helpful for this if you have a $50 budget! Alternatively, get your siblings to help out as well!
10. Be With Her
Sometimes, all that a mother wants from her child is to spend some quality time together. This simple task seems almost impossible to achieve for children who have long since left their hometown for studies, work or any other aspects of their life.

Why not set aside your time for her on Mother’s Day and give her a surprise visit? Keep your mobile phones and other devices away and make that day all about her.

Tell her about how your job has been, engage her in conversations about what has been going on for you and let her talk about everything that has been happening while you’re gone. For all you know, she has plenty of stories that she can’t wait to share with you.

Make the Mother’s Day Gifts Meaningful – Not Materialistic.

The most meaningful gifts that a mother cherishes often requires little to no money at all. A little sincere companionship and conversations, a genuine gesture, keeping in touch with voice or video calls – these are the little things that matter to mothers rather than items that she could be putting aside for the months to come.

Last but not least, it would be a mindful practice to always be kind, respectful and understanding to the amazing woman who raised us, even if it’s not Mother’s Day or any other special occasions.


How Mother’s Day is celebrated in the US?

Mother’s Day is a day where we “the children” have the chance to show our mothers how much we love and adore them. It is a time where we can say to our mother’s thank you for everything you’ve done for us, that we appreciate every sacrifice you make, and that we immensely love you. In the United States, mother’s day is celebrated on the second day of May every year. Not just mothers are celebrated that day but all mother figures; grandmothers, stepmothers, even foster mothers.

Most people throughout the US send their mothers gift cards, flowers, gift items, or even make an effort to visit. Some statistics suggest that over 50 percent of US households send their mothers gifts and greetings cards that day.
The most common gift items in the US are chocolate, flowers, candy, clothing, jewelry and treats, such as a beauty treatment product. Amongst the common gifts also is granting the mother a day at a spa.
Some families organize trips to public gardens where they can have a great picnic. Usually, it’s done while children are still young or when they become adults. If you have a mother and your kids are young, these trips are perfect for you. This way you can celebrate your mother, mother-in-law, and your wife while enjoying nature and a beautiful scene.

It became a tradition for many schools in the US to help their students in their preparation for Mother’s day. They help children craft small gifts or draw a handmade card for their mothers.
Mother’s Day is not a federal holiday in the US. All public organizations, businesses, transportation are open just any other Sunday. However, Restaurants become busier, so if you’re planning to have dinner with your mother that day, you better have a reservation.

The traditions of Mother’s Day in the US also include going to church, having family dinners, and the customary distribution of carnations.
Anna Jarvis, the founder of the Mother’s day in the United States, had the idea of the event from her mother. Her mother always wanted to have a day to celebrate mothers, so after her death, Anna decided to seek that celebration. Carnation was the favorite flower of Anna’s mother, so Anna decided to celebrate Mother’s Day by delivering 500 carnations at the first celebration of Mother’s Day back in 1908
Mother’s Day, a day that was initially established to focus on mothers. It was created to recognize a mother’s role throughout the year, her sacrifices, her efforts with her children, and also, to give them a much-needed break. However, the Mother’s Day also became a huge economic event for businesses. From florists to restaurants, to gift cards manufactures.

One thing you can say for sure about Mother’s Day; is that it became one of the most economically booming days in the United States. Restaurants, jewelry stores, gift shops all make huge profits on that day. Some could say that a significant portion of the annual revenue of the U.S. Jewelry industry comes from that day.
Statistics show that US citizens spend an amount closely to $2.6 billion on floral items and around $68 million on greetings and gifts card. The economic impact of Mother’s Day in the United States is significant.

Mothers Day gifts for wife under $50

Mothers are the most deserving people in the world but sometimes, due to certain reasons we need to get a mid-budget gift for Mother’s Day. You might be too old to make her a handwritten card, but maybe you can’t also afford an expensive vacation at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get her a gift that makes her feel as special as she already is. Most mothers prefer little things like quality time and thoughtful gifts, and the great thing is that there are many of them which you can get for less than $50. We have gone ahead to put together a list of some of the most amazing mid-budget Mother’s Day gifts you can find on the internet and can guarantee that the right fit for your mother is on the list;

A “book of the month” membership subscription

Does your mother love to read a lot of books? If she does then getting her a book subscription would be an amazing idea. She would find it very thoughtful that you bear her interests in mind and the fact that the books she will be getting will be the best selections of the month will have her swooning over the idea. Our recommendation is the Book of the Month Membership from Book of the Month which starts at a 3-month membership for $44.99. The best part about this gift is that; each month’s book is selected by celebrity guest judges who love to read books, and the books your mother will be getting is hard copy.

A Fresh Bouquet

A few mothers love gardening, but a lot of the love the idea of having the most beautiful bouquet in the house. You could get your mother a potted plant from an amazing florist and attach a thoughtful not to one of the petals. Your mother will enjoy the smell of the beautiful flowers and remember you each time she diligently takes good care of it. You could also get her a bouquet that will last for a few weeks before she disposes of them as well. Our top choice for your flower options are flowers from The Bouqs which start from$36. The great part is that you can get a selection of your mother’s favorite flowers.

A Pack of Sheet Masks to keep her skin Radiated

Sometimes mothers have rigorous weekly schedules, and they occasionally get random night breaks where they want to relax and get away from the busy life. A good pack of sheet masks will help her do just this, giving her a well-deserved pampering. These Egg Cream Mask Set that goes for $16.04 on Amazon would allow her to do just that. These masks are a lot of fun to wear and are quite relaxing, they will keep your mother radiated after each use, and she will be thankful. She will find it very thoughtful that you have considered this on her behalf.

A Comfortable Pair of Fuzzy Slippers

A lot of mothers find happiness in an amazing pair of comfortable and cute looking slippers. Stilettos and other kinds of shoes could take a hard toll on your mother’s feet, and sometimes she wants to have some comfortable pair of slippers to wear when she’s tired and still look good. The Minnetonka Chrissy Slipper Bootie from Nordstrom helps your mother do just that, the best part is that they go for just $47.95. These slippers are comfortable and warm, perfect for winter. When she receives this on Mother’s Day, her first instinct would be to try it on, and when she tries it on each day after that, she will always remember who gave her such a thoughtful gift.

A Brilliant Cold Brew Bottle

If you know your mother to be a cold brew lover, then you might want to reckon with that for your Mother’s Day gift. She loves her cold brew, and she probably takes it every day, so why don’t you get her an amazing cold brew bottle that she can easily carry anywhere she wants to. A good example would be the Hario Cold Brew Bottle that is currently being sold by Blue Bottle; a growing coffee startup. The bottle goes for just $35, and it is petite enough to conserve refrigerator space. Allow your mother to enjoy her homemade cold brew today with this wonderful gift.

A Beautiful Pair of Earrings

It is quite the honor to be able to present your mother with something beautiful, luxurious and sentimental for Mother’s Day. The celebration is about her, and it is also about appreciating her, which is why some gifts speak on your behalf. Mothers have always put us first before themselves, so why don’t you pamper yours with a pair of beautiful earring that she can easily wear on her favorite outfits. The Midi Hoops sold by Mejuri which goes for $49 on their website is an amazing choice for your mother. The earrings are comfortable, elegant and luxurious. Your mother will always see this anytime she looks in a mirror while wearing them.

A Fashionable Toiletry Bag

We all know how mothers are generally carebears. They have consistently catered for our needs and theirs since we were all children. As women, they need toiletry bags to carry around the things they need the most while they are on the go. These are the things they need to take care of themselves and sometimes us. To make Mother’s Day extra special, you can decide to get your mother the Dagne Dover Small Hunter Toiletry Bag which goes for $35 on Dagne Dover. The gift will make you a part of her daily care routine in your little way.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to stress you out from thinking up gift choices, any of the gifts above will always put a smile on your mother’s face. The most important thing is that she’s happy, and you would have made her day special.